AdWords Phrase Match Bidding Strategy


AdWords has four different match types for keywords. These types are broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact match. Whenever you are beginning your campaigns you should always use the basic AdWords bidding strategy outlined in this article. Once your campaign has run, and you have data to begin changing your bids, the challenge begins. Phrase […]

Creating Scarcity in Saturated Markets


Some marketers have heard of the scarcity principle. If you haven’t, the scarcity principle describes the urge someone has to gather what they feel like they may not be able to attain in the future. So if something is scarce people will want more of it. This seems really simple, and one of the best […]

Learn to write better headlines the easy way

            On the Google AdWords Platform you get 130 characters(25 for the headline, 35 for each description line, and the display URL) to grab the readers attention, qualify them as a potential customers, convince them you have what they need, set expectations of what they are going to find, and entice them to click your […]

Sharing the Secret Recipe: How You Can Help Yourself & The IM Community


“I’m not going to tell you, because it took me years & 000’s of dollars to learn how to do it myself”-Some guy on LinkedIn   That is an actual quote pulled from a thread in a SEO/SEM group on LinkedIn. This attitude is all over the internet marketing world. Now out of context & […]

Does my sales page suck or is it my navigation?

Screenshot of google analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool, the amount of information you can draw out of it is nearly endless. In fact there is so much information that the average person could easily be lost in the deep well that is Google Analytics. What sets the good apart from the great is not knowing how to […]

The Bidding Strategy That is Guaranteed to Be Profitable

guaranteed ppc profit

If you want to experience a true case of information overload. Go to every Pay-Per-Click website you can find, find a place to ask questions whether in the forums or otherwise, then ask “What is the best bid optimization strategy”. I would be surprised if you got less than 100 responses in 24 hours. Some […]

Link Investment Part 3: Alternative Link Building Strategies

link building

So now you’ve found the perfect target for your link investment, and you want to score that sweet sweet link. Obviously there are all the typical ways to doing link building: guest posting, broken links, resource pages, infographics. Those are all good, well, and perfectly effective. However I would not draw your attention to just […]

Link Investment Part 2: Picking a Winner

In my last post, the concept of link investment. Link investment is a tricky tactic, but it can pay off big in the long run. The hardest part of the whole process is figuring out the websites that are going to be more valuable down the road. Here are 5 factors I use to look […]

Link Investment: What is it? & Why you should care?

Why do people invest in the stocks? Some people like to try and game the odds, some people want to be part owner of a company, most people are hoping that their stock will increase in value & give them a good return. It’s risky, but it can pay off big dividends if you play […]

Why You Should Do Less Competitive Link Building

Competitive link building

One of the great things about the internet today is the availability of information, the amount is so vast that even our competitors can scarcely make a move with out it being seen. Whether it is the bids in paid marketing campaigns, or the anchor text of the latest link you just got. For SEO’s […]