Link Investment Part 3: Alternative Link Building Strategies

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So now you’ve found the perfect target for your link investment, and you want to score that sweet sweet link. Obviously there are all the typical ways to doing link building: guest posting, broken links, resource pages, infographics. Those are all good, well, and perfectly effective. However I would not draw your attention to just throw the same old thing in your face again. Here are a few strategies that I like to use that have helped score guest posts.

FREE SEO– I know what you are thinking, “free seo? as in do my job for free? is he high?”This is actually one of my favorite, because it benefits both parties & makes the link your getting even more valuable. This doesn’t have to be full on account management type stuff. Simply offer to give them a few pointers, or optimize their title tags, things like that. In some cases I’ve even done a little link building in return for a guest posting opportunity. The trick here is to do it without stepping on anyone’s toes. If they do have another consultant working on their site, play nice. Whether he is an overpaid hack, or an aptly paid genius, you are on his turf so play nice.

Resources– But wait I said no resource pages. Yes I did. The resources I’m talking about aren’t for link pages, they are for the website owners themselves. Offer them a little assistance or direction to take their business. I’ll give you a perfect example. I was tweeting with a business owner who told me she had informally pitched to someone at a VC, but planned to do it officially to several later on in the year. In return for a link from her website & a shout out on twitter, I simply forwarded her some information on making the perfect pitch to VC’s that I had stumbled across in my great journey across the internet. That was next to no work on my part, I helped someone out (still haven’t heard if she received any funding), and I got a sweet link.

Partnerships– Depending on what market you are in, it could move really fast or at a snails pace. The tech industry moves at a blistering pace. If you manage to find a business you think is going to be a success, try to partner with them on something. It doesn’t have to be product related, it doesn’t even have to be a physical thing. You could “cohost” a series of interviews with industry experts, or you could actually team up your products. Think outside the box, there’s no reason someone who hits your target market & is not your direct competition can’t be your friend.


These are just a few strategies I’ve used to score links from sites that are up & coming, as well as established sites. There are plenty of strategies out there. Everyone has their own individual mix of what works for their websites. Want to know more unusual link building techniques I’ve got in my deck of cards, or do you just want to rap philosophical about the meaning of the universe. Drop a line on our contact page, or follow me on twitter @chriskent12. What link building strategies do you use besides guest posting & resource pages?

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