Link Investment: What is it? & Why you should care?

Why do people invest in the stocks? Some people like to try and game the odds, some people want to be part owner of a company, most people are hoping that their stock will increase in value & give them a good return. It’s risky, but it can pay off big dividends if you play smart. Applying similar strategies to linkbuilding can pay off dividends as well. So now for the answer to the question what is link investment?

Link investing is building a link to a website that currently may not have much link juice, a small number of visitors, and rank low in the SERPs with the hopes that the site will become more popular & the link will increase in value.

There are several reasons that this tactic can sometimes be a better strategy than fighting and clawing for those links from the sites that are established and have a large following. Firstly let’s face it getting real legitimate, valuable links from sites like TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, SEOMoz, and Seth Godin’s blog are all hard. You can’t just e-mail them, and say “hey saw you had a blog, want to toss me a link, because I’m awesome?”. You have to plan out your approach, build a relationship, and generate solid content. With younger sites ,that may not have the prestige of those sites, it does not take as long to get that result

Sometimes all it takes is an e-mail, sometimes it takes a little bit more effort. However, I can guarantee you this. If you had scored a guest post on SEOMoz before they closed their round of funding, and built up around 50,000 facebook followers, you would be reaping those benefits today. You would most likely be getting more traffic from that post, plus you would look like a genius for calling such a winner early on.

Finding the right site to get a link from is by no means a simple or easy task. It is always a gamble. Like with every risk though, it can pay big dividends. In my next post, I will show the techniques I use to pick the winners, and climb those rankings. Have you ever unknowingly gotten a link that proved to be more valuable later on?

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